I have editied this photo after first posting it several months ago.  The "final" version is presented first followed by the original.  Its modification took several months not of actual production but "creative lag time".  The final story took time to develop in my mind after realizing there was something more in the orginal than I was seeing and allowing others to see.  I want to acknowledge the critical contribution of my artist wife, Helen, who helped me see more than met the eye.  I hope you enjoy the changes.
Final Edition:  OMG! Love the Hair! 
The final edition of this photo was selected by the Museum of Fine Arts Houston's Glassell School 2015 Student Exhibition.  The final edition obviously morphed from the original to place more emphasis on the interplay between the historical background mural and the modern day "conversation".  To me the story is the lady in the historical mural is looking from the past into a modern day discussion between ladies whose hair and, if she could hear, a conversation she would find hard to follow or even imagine.  Then, of course, there is the bronze statued girl inserting herself into today's  conversation--or is it our historical friend?
First Edition: Catching the Rays in New Orleans

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