Roger H. Hord
Photography has fascinated me for years and I believe will be a continued source of personal enjoyment for years to come.  My photography builds on years of interest in design and architecture.  My eclectic subject interests are driven by what scape, color, light and shadow might catch my eye at any one time.  I believe one sees this experimentation when viewing my diverse portfolio.  
I have found photography to be an almost limitless creative endeavor limited only by my mind, knowledge and venue. My photography is also on Behance and on my  I am on Tumblr, Flickr and Pinterest.  I periodically venture into extensive manipulation of my photography using Adobe Photoshop.  Please check out one of these experiments,  Seadrift, on Adobe Spark.  The more interesting of these will be posted here and on​​​​​​​
RHHORD Photography  |  |  Houston, USA
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